Not sure how I got here...

I don't know how I got here, but I know it started with fabric. As a interior design student, I had to do internships, and most interns are regulated to the resource room where you sort all the fabric samples from dozens to hundreds of venders. From inside these sometimes dark but always crowded, overwhelming and fascinating rooms, I fell in love with fabric and textiles and the different things I could do with them.

For the first two years of my design degree, I collected as many fabric samples, swatches, and fabric books as they would let me. By the end of my Associate's, my collection practically filled a small bedroom, and I still didn't know how to sew!

In 2016, I finally learned about the wonderful free programs that my local library provides and found out they had a sewing studio! So for the last two years, I've been honing my sewing skills and I realized I could make a business out of this.

I first thought about doing clothes, but I'll never be a seamstress. Then came the pillows, but EVERYONE sells pillows. Then, finally came the bags. Nothing compares to the look on someone's face when they see one of my bags and actually wants to buy it from me! Bonus!

So with the completion of my bachelor's degree, I started my journey to create Livi Simone Designs. I never realized how essential and personal a bag could be until I started making them for myself and my family. It's one of the few accessories that we take with us day after day regardless of occasion (or because of the occasion). I want to make bags that reflect one's unique personality and become an essential part of their everyday lives (or for that one special day).

Even though I may never use my interior design degree, I don't regret getting it as it led me on the journey I'm on today. I am forever grateful to the people who supported me and hope to find more admirers and supporters along the way.